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startrekcosplay's Journal

Star Trek Cosplay
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This is a community about Star Trek cosplay, any of the series or movies, and any of the characters. Share your pictures or plans for your costume, ask questions or tips for your costume or any of the costumes in Star Trek.


1. The community is for Star Trek and cosplay, so please keep it on topic.

2. All pictures posted after the first one have to be under a cut. Instructions on how to make a cut are here. Keep the first one at 500 pixels wide or less.

3. Please tag your posts with any relevant tags that we have. If there are tags your post could have but don't exist, they will be made to put on a post.

4. Please keep drama to a minimum and be nice to others. If there are any issues, please message me (carma_bee ) about it.

5. Anyone who repeatedly breaks the rules could be banned from the community.